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On any normal day in the market, we see some instruments that slightly move downward right after the market is opened, but later turns their direction upward. We can easily identify such instruments by simply looking at D value in D OPPL column. A slight increase just above the opening price of any instrument is revealed by a value over 1(at least D=61 in D OPPL column on Filter 17) . In such a case, we can protect ourselves by putting “Stop Loss” right below the lowest price.

High-priced instruments can allow widespread use of the Filter 17. Filter 17 is so easy that any novice people can use it.It is more advantageous than the Filter 98 because , at the beginning of the session , you encounter a lot of false 98 filter values but the instruments passing through Filter 17 do not go back downward so much as Filter 98. So the reversal of upward movement of the instruments passing through Filter 98 is more likely than Filter 17.
When D OPPL= 61,71 or 81(except for 81, the first openning value) even then ,when they are 62,72 or 82 more as guaranteed, buy the instruments .As their prices increase , you get values such as 63,64…68 or 72,73..78 or 82,82..88 and they stop when OPPL=8 even if their rise continues.Stop-Loss point for Filter 17 is genarally the current lowest value (but sometimes 84! values).

D parameter can take any value between 9 and 1. In Forex, the values 6, 7 ,8 and 9 indicate the long position indicating potential of profit while values of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 have same meaning for other instruments. The farther the value in question goes below 8, the profit potential decreases and the higher the risk increases. On the other hand, if the value is 6, 7 or 8 , price movement will take place within a narrow band and your stop loss will be limited even if you make a wrong decision. you can easily capture them with Filter 17.

Filter 17 and Filter 2000 From DAX and CAC

Filter 17 intraday From Nasdaq 100

Filter 17 Examples







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